Missed the Calendar?

If you missed this year's Calendar of Stories, you can still get all the holiday story goodness in THE HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR #5!

Get every holiday story of the 2023, all 40 stories, in one enormous ebook.

Keep the Holiday Spirit going all year long!

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Holiday Spectacular 2023 SUBSCRIPTION (40 Short Stories): One Holiday Story Delivered Daily from American Thanksgiving to New Year's Day

Holiday Spectacular 2023 SUBSCRIPTION (40 Short Stories): One Holiday Story Delivered Daily from American Thanksgiving to New Year's Day

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Calendar Orders Closed for 2023 as of Dec 1st.

PreORDER THE HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR #5 for all 40 of this year's stories. AND Join our newsletter to be notified when the 2024 Calendar of Stories is available. 

A Daily Jumpstart to your Holiday Spirit! 

Subscribe now to receive one holiday short story emailed to you every day, from American Thanksgiving 2023 through New Year's Day 2024. 

All stories are set during the winter holidays, in one of this year's three special holiday themes: 

Winter Sparkles: Sweet Romances (like pumpkin spice!)

Hardboiled Holidays: Hardboiled Mysteries (not like deviled eggs.)

Holiday Secrets: What secrets are people keeping (or trying to discover!) during the holidays?

Here’s how it works:

Every day, beginning on American Thanksgiving and running until New Year’s Day, you will get an original short story sent to you (or the recipient of your choice) via email.

Each story is accompanied by an introduction in which award-winning editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch will tell you which kind of story you have, be it a Holiday Secrets story or a darker Hardboiled Holidays crime story or a Winter Sparkles romance.

You will get each story in ebook form (with multiple format options), so you can read them daily on your own device, anywhere, anytime you choose. Or you can store them up and binge on a weekend!

An Added Bonus!

As an added bonus, all subscribers will receive The Holiday Spectacular #5 ebook compilation, which includes all 40 stories and introductions. The compilation volume will be released in July 2024.

Late Arrival?


For those who subscribe between November 22nd and December 1st, we will send out a catch-up email on December 4th containing all the missed stories to-date. Your subscription then resumes daily for the remainder of the Calendar of Stories.

Happy to Help!

Any questions or issues at anytime, please email subscriptions@wmgbooks.com. We are happy to help and make sure you...

Get your dose of holiday spirit each and every day! 

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